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Every kid has been asked “If you could be a superhero would you rather fly or be invisible?” and it’s always been a toss up. As a kid without porn you would pick invisible to walk around and perv on chicks. If you were a little riskier and adventurous (aka your nuts hadn’t dropped) you chose flying so you could go anywhere at anytime. Personally I picked invisibility because I’m slightly agoraphobic so I could just disappear and chill out (aka perv out of chicks). But after watching this video I think I’m changing my stance. Thanks to POV porn you no longer have to wonder what it looks like to fuck the hottest and sluttiest girls alive but this is one of the first POV flying simulations I’ve seen that looks awesome. Thanks dudes who made this, you’ve completely mind fucked 10 year old me.

The question still remains, fly or invisible?