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So are the eyebrows dyed….?

Long hair, shotgun, and mustache=Trifecta

Are you fucking kidding me?!

Even with a douchebag haircut he’s killing it. It’s just not fair….

It’d be sacrilege to not include a pic from Roadhouse. You think I’m crazy?

So there it is. Sam Elliot has been rocking the same mustache for decades but the unique thing about him is the fact that he’s done it with long and short hair. He’s also done it young and old. He is timeless and owes it all to the hair between his nose and upper lip. He is so badass in all his movies it makes me sick. In Roadhouse he was only the most feared, aging cooler in the country. You don’t get that role unless you have the best hair in Hollywood. He was called in for the sole purpose of kicking local hillbilly ass. Legendary.