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Adam Schefter just reported on SportsCenter, Tony Romo will leave football and go to the booth. This is all good news if you ask me. First of all, the guy has kids and probably wants to walk when they are older. Makes sense. Secondly, he was most likely leaning towards the Broncos and that would’ve made this Raider fan really pissed off. Sure Romo is Mr. Glass in real life but when he isn’t getting touched/injured, he is a really good passer and could make them a monster threat in the AFC West. Thirdly, this motherfucker has made something like 150 mil in his career, who wants to wake up and get your face beat in when you have that dough,

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and this smile?

download (1).jpgWell two out of three is still pretty good.

Perfect storm for retirement. Goodbye Tony.



FOX Sports- Johnny Manziel has been one of the favorites in the discussion of what the Houston Texans will do with the No. 1 overall NFL Draft pick. But the 2012 Heisman Trophy winner might end up with the other team in Texas. According to a report by, CBS Sports NFL announcer Jim Nantz says he has heard that the Cowboys will do whatever it takes to bring Johnny Football to Dallas. “I’ve heard this rumor for a month — the Cowboys will figure out a way to get Manziel,” Nantz told “Wherever Manziel goes, there is going to be more clamoring about Johnny Manziel than there would be about Blake Bortles going No. 1 or (Jadeveon) Clowney going No. 1, or anyone else. This is a guy that there’s just a tremendous interest in everything he does.” There’s been talk all offseason about the Cowboys’ possible interest in the Manziel, but it didn’t seem likely with Dallas picking 16th in the draft and quarterback Tony Romo getting a six-year, $108 million contract extension last year. The Cowboys also signed former Cleveland Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden to a two-year deal last month. But you never know what Jerry Jones will do despite dismissing rumors about Manziel earlier this year. “No doubt in my mind [Manziel] is going to be an outstanding NFL football player,” Jones said on KRLD-FM 105.3 The Fan. “But we have Tony Romo, and Tony Romo is our ticket.” Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones also said that all the Manziel talk is “purely speculation.” Manziel has met with the Cowboys’ owner this offseason and said playing for “America’s Team” would be a dream come true. “Growing up a Cowboy fan … I was born at halftime of a Cowboys game,” Manziel told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram in February. “That would almost be a folktale in the correct direction.”
If you are Jerry Jones how do you NOT want Johnny Football? Yea you gave Romo 108 mil but this is the NFL we’re talking about and that whole thing can be cancelled faster than a Cowboy’s 4th quarter drive. I don’t know how much I would give up to move into the top 10 or even 5 for a shot at the kid but putting him in Dallas would give Jerry everything he wants and needs in JerryWorld. The whole Romo being cool and popular shtick ran out a few years ago, now he’s just the guy who cannot perform in pressure situations. But pairing someone with flash and pazzazz like JF with Dez Bryant will put some asses in the seats and for sure sell a ton of jerseys so it won’t even really matter if Johnny is bad the first year or so. He will make ridiculous plays, show up on Sportscenter with that big star on his helmet, and Jerry Jones will do the Mr. Burns laugh as his bank account continuous to rise.

PS Pretty nice mentioning Brandon Weeden in the article like he matters at all in what the Cowboys do in the draft. Better chance of me making a difference in their plans on taking a QB or not.