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Absolutely fucking disgusting that this bitch let another human puke on her while she played music, but putting out a naked picture right after is a good way to calm down the masses. Even though there really is no nakedness in this picture, it’s still a good way to say “sorry I made you guys watch that shit”. Love the unicorn tattoo.

I planned on putting up other pictures of here where she is naked but I am so unattracted to her face that I can’t bring myself to do it. There are like 4 times where she is hot to me but those times included just blatant nudity and/or lots of make up.

Just a pretty cool picture

Just a pretty cool picture


I think this is a good edition of Is She Hot? because many people may not know who Ashley All Day is. I actually found out about her because I follow Mac Miller on Twitter and he has talked about her a bunch and I watched her YouTube video “Lean”. And I am very torn as to whether or not I can say “Ashley All Day is hot” because of a few very specific reasons. So here are some pictures, her videos and my Pro and Con list, please help me decide if she is hot or not!
Pros: Super hot face, great body, tattoos, probably a Raiders fan, mixed, most likely can beat my ass, maybe lesbian
Cons: Chain smokes cigs in a gangster way, pretty hood, most likely can beat my ass, good chance has taken dongs bigger than my leg






I have never worn a piece of their clothing, nor have I ever stepped foot into one of their stores, but if they keep using pages like this for their advertising, I’m all in on American Apparel. Even after the whole bush in the ads debacle.




It gets way better, click the link. Do it. You need a break from Miss Colorado.