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ESPN: Raiders to Vegas

So the day of reckoning has finally happened and my Oakland Raiders have finally made it official. I have extremely mixed emotions about this because I grew up in Buffalo and Florida. I’ve never been to Oakland, or even west of the Mississippi, but I love the Raiders with all that is in my soul. Being 29 I first grew to love them as the LA Raiders. Didn’t know or care what Oakland was. It was Jeff Hostetler and Tim Brown and little Jesse rooting on team after team coming in at .500 or below. Then they moved back to Oak-town. And honestly I was a little pissed. Sure I was striking out in t-ball at the time so I had major issues, but I didn’t like change. It didn’t seem cool to leave flashy, fancy, “Laker” LA and move to crumby Oakland. Shit just reading that it still doesn’t. But I grew to love the gritty, crazy, fucked up world that was the little brother to big, bad San Fran. Now that I am older, grayer, fatter and raising a family, I never really thought the Mark “the Hairdo” Davis would have the sack (or money) to pull the trigger and I’d be watching OAK on tv for the rest of my days still bragging about the 3 rings we won before I was born.


Jump to present day and I am a part of the Las Vegas Raiders Nation. Even though it’s the same team, the same coach, the same GM, they will never be the same. They won’t win on a shitty field covered in dirt. There won’t be gang fights in the parking lot, generally between two Raider fans. They just won’t seem as tough and that’s what I will miss the most. Even going 2-14 year after year, they at least seemed tough being in Oakland. So Good bye Black Hole. Hello Black Hole, the stripper that will be on stage at every club on the strip come football season 2020.  But along with a shiny new stadium comes the Super Bowl, Pro Bowls, big ticket boxing matches and UFC fights, WWE events. All things that never happened in O.Co. And the inevitability of the Fertitta brothers and Dana White buying the team a year or two after the stadium is built.

Oh well.

Let’s just see if the city will allow them to play until the lease options are over. Word on the street is they want the whole crew the fuck out of dodge asap. That will add a very interesting wrinkle into this already fucking crazy story line. Until next time children.



I pray to God he doesn't read this post

I pray to God he doesn’t read this post

ESPN- An NFL running back at 52 years old? Herschel Walker says it wouldn’t be a problem for him. “I can play in the NFL today,” Walker told USA Today Sports. “I couldn’t take every snap. But running backs nowadays don’t play every down. Now they send in the choir section. “Physically, I can still do it.” Walker, who said he’s busy with several business ventures, isn’t thinking of comeback. The Pro Football Hall of Fame website lists Jim Thorpe as the oldest running back to play in the history of the NFL at the age of 40. Thorpe played his last down of football for the Chicago Cardinals in 1928. A physical specimen known for his grueling training regimen, Walker retired from the NFL following the 1997 season and has since taken up Mixed Martial Arts, winning both of his fights, the last coming in January 2011. Part of arguably the most-lopsided trade in NFL history in 1989 when he was dealt from the Dallas Cowboys to the Minnesota Vikings for five players and six draft picks, Walker rushed for 8,225 yards in his career.

Before I write any of this, Herschel doesn’t read Blown Call does he? No? Ok good. Will someone stop putting a microphone in front of this guy’s face? We get it buddy, you’re in the best shape out of anyone that has lived ever. You do a billion pushups and sit ups a day and have never had booze or drugs. Congrats, your liver is healthy and you’ve never had the joy of a black out hangover. But do you remember literally ruining the Vikings because you were great in college and did shit in the NFL. Could you play today? Of course you can, you’re still a large person, but that doesn’t mean you will be good. Emmitt Smith could strap it up and play a few downs but he would get his fucking bell rocked just like Herschel would. Go do your pull ups old man, fight some no name MMA guys and watch football like the rest of us and keep those “I can still play” thoughts to yourself.
Here is a link documenting how horrible that Cowboy/Viking trade was

PS I could totally still play WR on a high school team. Book it.


Yahoo Sports- UFC light heavyweight Thiago Silva is in police custody in Broward County, Fla., after an incident at his home, according to multiple media reports. However, no trace of Silva’s arrest could be discovered independently. His name did not turn up in an arrest records search on the Broward County Sheriff’s website and a dispatcher told Yahoo Sports, “We don’t have that person in our system. Sorry.” That, however, does not mean Silva has not been arrested and may simply indicate that he has not been processed yet. A source told Yahoo Sports that Silva had been taken for a psychiatric evaluation, though that was unable to be confirmed. The UFC released a statement acknowledging it was aware of an incident involving Silva in Florida, though the statement did not say whether Silva had been arrested. According to NBC News 6, the suspect went to a jiu-jitsu school at 777 E. Oakland Park Blvd. and threatened people. No one was harmed and the suspect left, police told NBC News 6. According to the television station’s report, authorities then set up a perimeter around the suspect’s home. The NBC News 6 story reported that Broward Sheriff’s officials told it at 11:15 p.m. ET that a suspect had been taken into custody.

He's not that violent, just huggin a bro

He’s not that violent, just huggin a bro

And he knocks people the fuck out

And he knocks people the fuck out

Allow me to break this story down for everyone. I can pretty much guess what happened without even being there. Silva is probably juiced out of his gord, peaked out because he fights March 15th. So he’s at a gym fucking around with his buddies and someone calls him out. Naturally because he ruins people’s faces for a living, he threatened the guy, it’s what happens. Some stupid chick that was there says she’s going to call the cops because bitches are bitches. Silva knows he has stuff at the house that the cops can’t see so he takes off for home. Once there he starts finding all the juice, probably coke, maybe some weird sex stuff. No one wants the cops to find that because he will be all over the news. So he is flushing his bottles and needles, maybe some baggies, and you know how toilets are, you can’t just flush and flush you need to wait a little bit. Cops show up, he tells them to fuck off because he is still flushing and they think he is resisting. Classic story. Then he’s so freaked out they take him to the mental wing which is always a good defense and boom he will be out of jail with a fine and a slap on the wrist from Dana White. Easy peasy, Japanesey


Look closely kids; here we have a perfect example of the “My Man Goes” girlfriend. And she’s being filmed in her natural habitat. Which is basically anywhere you will get your ass pounded into the dirt and the next time you see her will be in an iPhone video on the internet getting stuffed by the thugs who murdered your face earlier that night. These chicks always seem like a perfect catch right? She likes sports? Check! She wants to hang out with your friends? Check! She remembers who the Cavs drafted in the 2nd round in 1997? Check! She can drink me under the table? Checkmate! You can’t buy her a ring fast enough. But not so fast Mr. Sensible guy. You have a job you like? She’ll tell your boss to fuck straight off at the company Christmas Party. You live in the same town as your ex and sometimes run into her in public? She will fight that bitch in the road and somehow dent your hood in the process. You watch sports at a bar? Not anymore you don’t! She will let everyone know exactly how fucking stupid they are and will describe in detail how badly you want to beat everyone’s ass in the bar. And if you’re stupid enough to actually take her to a game? She will go top rope from 3 rows back on an entire section of Oklahoma fans and kick everyone in the face on the way out of the stadium. Every version of this video I’ve seen has a stupid song dubbed over the sound but I guarantee the only thing you hear is “Fuck Bama! My man’s juiced!” Even if that’s not her exact words, it’s what she’s saying.
Now don’t get me wrong, there is a girl for every man out there. If you’re “Bar Fight Guy” then this chick is your soul mate and promoter. She picks your opponent; (biggest mother fucker in the state who just tried to buy her a drink) sets the venue (bar bathroom or parking lot) and sets the odds. (“Oh, he’ll kill you, he watches UFC all the time!” You are now 47-1 to last 3 seconds) If you could trust her with more than $2 (these skirts are notoriously horrible with money) then you could have her taking bets.


Have You Seen Me?

Because I know it’s bugging you: Cavs 2nd round draft pick in 1997 was Cedric Henderson out of Memphis. He probably still plays in some 3rd world country.

Looks like Georges likes to add a little creamer to his coffee

Looks like Georges likes to add a little creamer to his coffee

TMZ- Georges St-Pierre will take a break from the UFC to handle 2  major personal crises — his father is dying and he got a woman pregnant and  doesn’t want her to have the baby … TMZ Sports has  learned. GSP repeatedly made cryptic remarks after his  controversial win Saturday over Johny Hendricks at UFC 167 —  telling Joe Rogan he needed to step away from the sport to deal  with personal issues. Now, sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ  Sports … Georges’ dad is dying and it’s derailed him. And there’s  this … GSP recently learned he knocked up a woman — and he doesn’t want to  have a baby with her but she insists on keeping it.

Wow. That’s all I can say there. While I will not change my opinion that he definitely lost the fight, but this is a whole new angle to the story. This also raises a few more questions. Why didn’t George just tell Dana White to fuck off and that his dad is dying. The UFC just had one of the best fights in it’s 20 year history with Jones/Foreign Guy, I think they could’ve bumped Evans/Sonnell to the main event and just said St Pierre had some family stuff and no one would’ve cared. There are like 90 events a year, it’s ok to push one back. Another thing is Dana White is only kind of a prick for his comments made after the fight. He kept saying that George would be back, he thinks his problems are worse than they are, and that no one just steps away for a break. He’s a prick because it’s up to St. Pierre to stay or go. He will make millions no matter where he is at least for a few more years so if I’m Dana I don’t get too cocky too quick. But it’s pretty cool he’s saying that unborn baby isn’t that big of a deal and it’s being taken out of proportion. Guaranteed Dana has a couple suitcases full of cash show up on that chick’s doorstep if she “takes care” of the problem so the UFC gets their cash cow back in the octagon. That’s a power move.


ESPN — Georges St-Pierre successfully defended the UFC welterweight title a ninth time Saturday, beating Johny Hendricks by split decision before saying he would “go away for a little bit,” raising immediate questions on whether the champion is quitting the sport.But UFC president Dana White insisted in no uncertain terms that he doesn’t expect St-Pierre to take any leave of absence and that the promotion will seek to book an immediate rematch with Hendricks. White also said he was “blown away” by the decision, claiming “Georges knew he lost, his corner knew he lost, Hendricks knew he won, and his corner knew they won.” St-Pierre (25-2), one of the most decorated fighters in UFC history, won via split decision for the first time in front of a sold-out crowd at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. Two judges scored the five-round title fight 48-47 in favor of the defending champion, while a third saw it 48-47 for Hendricks. scored the bout for Hendricks, 48-47.

With all the power that Dana White wields around, how has this now happened in back to back main events? The Jon Jones fight was harder to decide I guess, but I am in the majority thinking he lost. Now St. Pierre got his fucking clock cleaned and he wins the fight. Are you fucking kidding? Look at his face. He admitted he doesn’t remember a ton of the fight because Hendricks hits like a truck, while Johny didn’t have a mark on him. I watched every second of that fight and I think I saw Georges (and what’s up with that “s” George, grow up) land one good shot and get far fewer take downs. Isn’t that how you judge a fight, by what they do in the ring and not who they are to the company? Bullshit all around. I love the UFC but two fuck ups in a row is really annoying. Step it up Dana.



Fox Sports- Don’t worry, Jonathan Martin. Jon Jones has your back. The best pound-for-pound fighter in the world said he would “kill” Miami Dolphins alleged bully Richie Incognito Tuesday on “The Sports Junkies,” a radio show in Washington, D.C. The kicker is that Jones ackowledged on the show that he does not even know who Incognito is. So one of the hosts gave some background and explained Incognito to Jones. “He’s just this big meathead . . . Probably 6’3, 6’4, 340. So if it’s Richie Incognito against Jon Jones, what’s gonna happen?” Jones’ reply? “I’d kill him . . . Someone tweet him and let him know I’d smoke him easy,” Jones told the show’s hosts.

If I’m Jonathan Martin this is the only thing that makes me feel better during all this nonsense. If one of the nastiest fighters on the planet has your back, give him a shout, head to Miami and watch some fireworks. I think Martin is just a complete pussy for this whole thing, and I would much rather have Incognito on my team, but this is pretty awesome for Team Martin. Even though Richie has a ton of weight on Jones, I don’t think there are many men on the planet who would want to throw hands street fight “no rules” style with Bones Jones.