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Gotta start this off with all the information. I do not watch college basketball unless the Gators make the tournament and also make it to the Sweet Sixteen. So I have no clue what a “good game” should look like. But this game fucking sucks. UNC is awful shooting the ball. I’ve watched them miss 1 billion 3s. Gonzaga looks slightly better but also like they don’t really know what’s going on. Lot of fouls. Just a very ugly game. Maybe it’ll get better but I doubt it.

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Also what the hell does a fucking ram have to do with a Tar Heel? Why can’t colleges get their shit together. Gators. Fighting Irish. Bulldogs. Cocks. Easy, simple names. The Tar Heels? Although a great hat when I was a kid, why do they also have a ram? Why not just be the rams from North Carolina? Or the tabacco field workers? Those sons of bitches are probably as tough as 10 rams…Also what I hate are the Stanford fucking trees, Auburn Tigers/War Eagles and Alabama Roll Tide aka Elephants. Can’t we just cut Alabama loose and call it a day?

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This is my angry post because I’m sick and I hate everyone. Unless I win my bracket with a UNC win, then I only hate a few people.



So FSU ended up doing the miraculous and coming from behind (kind of a rape joke, but not really) and beating Auburn. I didn’t watch the second half because I have a real job and didn’t give a shit about either team, but I hear it was great. But after the game Jameis Winston gave this interview. Right after AJ McCarron’s mom (he is the QB at Alabama) tweeted “Is this English I’m listening to?” and she deleted it immediately. Of course if something is put online it will be there forever no matter how fast you delete it, especially on Twitter. Everyone claimed this was racist, and they are wrong. Now let me tell you why. Just because she is a hot, older white lady does not make her racist for asking if he is speaking English. It just means she thinks he is dumb. Whether or not he is black means about dick to the conversation. Listen to his Heisman speech, equally as bad. The guy is either really dumb or just a horrible speaker. Happens to be black, big whoop. I don’t care if they are black, white, purple, or green, if you cannot speak well you come across as stupid or illiterate and people will ask if you are speaking English. If you want to hear people that are well spoken win the championship go back about 30 years and listen to Notre Dame guys otherwise shut the hell up. People from the south are good at football and they win championships. People that are smart play lacrosse and go to Ivy League schools and rape hookers, not their classmates.