Thank God for Joe Girardi!!

Posted: October 8, 2017 in Sports

How does something like this happen?! Another team makes a mistake to help us win? That used to NEVER happen in Cleveland sports. I watch it happen for the Patriots every single week: kickers missing 3 field goals in a game, QBs throwing INTs at the goaline with the Super Bowl on the line, teams blowing 25 point leads in the Super Bowl, etc. etc. etc. But this kind of thing didn’t  happen for Cleveland teams very often. Edwin destroying his ankle lunging back to the bag while getting doubled up, that’s the kind of stuff that happens around here. Kluber getting shelled in 3 innings, that’s how we play the game.

Draymond Green swinging at Lebrons dick in game 4 of the 2016 Finals was seriously the very first time in my life that a team mentally fucked up against a Cleveland team. But now the flood gates are open! Now WE get to sit back and wait for the other teams to shit all over themselves for a change. This makes sports so much more enjoyable when you know the other teams are afraid of you and will not challenge a HBP because they “don’t want to throw off the pitchers’ rhythm.” Lol what kind hair brained reason is that?! That’s not a reason! That’s folding under the pressure! Taking CC out with only 77 pitches while he’s dominating the entire Indians lineup, that’s overthinking scared management! Yay!!!! I can’t believe we get to benefit from this! What will he do in game 3? Pinch run for Judge in the 4th inning? Bring out Chapman in the 6th? Call for a bunt with 2 strikes? 

I always assumed my lot in life as a Cleveland sports fan would be to grind out losses and pray for miracles and hope the other teams plane would crash into a mountain.  Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined a time where I’d be sitting back and waiting for the opposition to puke all over themselves and hand us the victory. Truly a magical time to be alive.


  1. Johnny Ownership says:

    If girardi had a time machine, do you think he would review that play? Or would he go back to the 1997 ALDS instead, where he went 2-15 with a .133 average?

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