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Yahoo Sports- After the Ferrari-bashing incident and a weird, rambling interview with a Phoenix television station, Richie Incognito is getting help. NFL Network’s Jeff Darlington said the Dolphins guard is being treated at a facility in Arizona after “severe mental stress” caused by the fallout from the Jonathan Martin ordeal.

That comes right after Incognito’s bizarre interview about bashing his Ferrari. Fox 10 in Phoenix wasn’t sure what it was going to get when it approached Richie Incognito’s house hoping to ask him why he’d take a baseball bat to his car, something that was reported by TMZ on Thursday. Incognito welcomed them in. The station’s story said he was polite. His explanation of why his $300,000 car got knocked around with a bat was a little odd. “So what happened?” the reporter asked. “To what?” Incognito asked. The Ferrari that was hit with a bat, she said. He took a second to recall what she was talking about. “Ohhhh,” Incognito said after the pause, like he didn’t immediately remember hitting his sports car with a bat. “That was just me venting. That was self expression. That’s a piece of art. The happiest day of my life was when I got that car and now the second happiest day will be when I donate it to charity.”

Here’s what I think happened. Ol’ Richie was knocking a few back with his buddies and probably bullshitting about whores, the NFL then of course Jonathan Martin. Richie takes a few too many shots, for his size probably a whole god damn jug, then says I made it out, I’m untouchable and I’ll prove it by smashing up my ‘Rarri. He does this while laughing then goes and passes out naked in the living room. Like all things done in a blackout he didn’t remember when someone asked about it. Then he makes up an easy lie that’s not believable and “seeks mental help” so he can look reformed and NFL teams will start calling him again for next year. Badda bing badda boom.

PS Can I sign up for that charity somewhere? Is there a list or just first come first served?


ESPN- Former All-Star forward Danny Granger has decided to sign with the Los Angeles Clippers, according to a source with knowledge of the situation. The San Antonio Spurs, Houston Rockets, Miami Heat and Dallas Mavericks all made a run at Granger, but ultimately he chose the Clippers late Thursday night because they offered him the best opportunity to play meaningful minutes for a contender. Granger is expected to clear waivers at 5 p.m. ET Friday. He was officially waived Wednesday after completing a contract buyout with the Philadelphia 76ers. The Sixers had acquired him from the Indiana Pacers just before the trade deadline for Evan Turner and Lavoy Allen. If no team claims Granger, 30, he can sign with the Clippers. Granger already was in Los Angeles on Thursday and worked out at a local gym, according to a source.

Once again a post about why people hate the NBA. The players completely control the league. That crypt keeper guy that is taking over for David Stern will literally do nothing in his tenure other than text LeBron and do some photo ops. Basketball never worries about steroids, cap space or anything like that. Let all the stars congregate in the big cities and watch them play. And wasn’t Danny Granger really good a year or two ago? Why is he on waivers? Either way he will join the Clippers who are already really good making it the Clips and Thunder vs the Heat for the next few years. Teams like the Timberwolves, Raptors, and Grizzlies can be good but they won’t be once their stars take off. Sure the Knicks are garbage but that wont be for long. Melo was never a winner and that team is mis-run. Put Phil Jackson in as coach and see what happens. F The NBA.


Not to be too porny today, but when something like this falls in your lap you don’t push it away. Blake Bortles (potential #1 overall pick) has one of the hottest girlfriends in the game. Here are her nude leaked selfie photos. God I love the internet. I am also book ending this post with normal pictures of her so when it shows up on Facebook it’s not a naked picture. You know, for the kids.





I am just going to put links for pictures of the different kinds of boobs, those are obviously NSFW, but I just need an answer to this question. I was listening to the Billy Madison Show ( this morning and they asked, what are the best kind of boobs? And that really got me thinking because there are so many good ones. Soapy, under, side, sandy, wet tshirt, wifebeater, etc. The possibilities are almost endless so I will put it to a vote, What Are the Best Kind of Boobs?

Side boob-
Sandy boobs (link leads to a very nice video)-
Girls POV boobs-
Whipped Cream Boobs-
Wife Beater Boobs-


Time- Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are about to tie the knot, People and E! News report. The celebrity couple hasn’t confirmed the engagement, but according to anonymous sources quoted on People and E! News, the engagement will soon be made official. This week Mila Kunis was spotted with a giant diamond ring on her finger when she was out shopping. The couple has been dating for close to two years and rumors about their engagement have been swirling for months. They met when co-starring on That 70′s Show.

Ashton Kutcher you son of a bitch, you did it again. First you made being severely stupid on TV a big hit. Then you made a bunch of shitty movies and earned a boat load of money. Next you take the ex wife of John YippeKiyaa Motherfucker McClain and make her the hottest MILF ever and marry her. Then you dump her and start dating one of the hottest chicks on the fucking planet. Probably one of the only girls I’ve ever beat it to and she’s not in porn. Just a picture of her drinking ice tea. Unsweetened, sick right? And you’re just going to spit in our faces and marry her??! Fuck you. I’d wish you fall down some stairs and knock your teeth out but 1) you’re still better looking than I ever would be and 2) you made like 10 mill an episode so you can buy even better teeth. This motherfucker took over on the #1 show in all of comedy after the main star smoked too much crack, and he instantly became the highest paid TV guy in history. That’s on the Jeter level of best life. Fucking Kutcher.

Goodbye Mila…Goodbye..








Thanks to this music I forget how stinky and weird these kids really are

In case you forgot LeBron was black….

For all of you nerds out there still arguing that LeBron is the best ever: Jordan would have never worn a stupid goofy looking mask to increase his blackness.

Also, why isn’t Nike stepping up to the plate with a mask and plastering a giant swoosh across his face?



So at first I thought this picture might be racist (you can never tell these days) but then I decided that since it’s a cartoon based on a character created by Bill Cosby then it in fact, can NOT be racist. Debate closed.

Russia May Host Shitty Olympics, Their Magazines, However, are Amazing

Anja Rubik is a model? Don’t know don’t care

SLATE- The NBC series Hannibal, the second season of which premieres this Friday, surely arose from the same motivation that spawned the regrettable post-Silence movies: a money-grubbing yearning to milk Hannibal Lecter for all he’s worth. Yet somehow it has become an engrossing, psychologically dense show that is also visually stunning. Hannibal is the kind of gem seldom found on network TV. It’s more than that, even: It’s the best version of Thomas Harris’ work yet—yes, even better than Manhunter and The Silence of the Lambs. How is this possible? It probably helps that the show is also the loosest adaptation of Harris’ work so far. Rather than adapt one of the Lecter novels, Hannibal is inspired by events mentioned but not depicted in Red Dragon—specifically, the time before Hannibal was caught, when Will Graham was an active FBI profiler. Avoiding the all-too-familiar Hannibal-in-prison scenario and expanding on intriguing, unexplored events, the show manages to nail the best qualities of Harris’ work: the psychological nuance, the beautiful horror, and the black, black comedy.

This show is fucking amazing from the acting to the visuals to the story lines. Mads may be the perfect choice for a TV Lecter because he seems fancy as shit but he does look a little nuts. Hugh Dancy is a pussy but could be smart and I hate his beard. Larry Fishburn is pretty bad ass as a side note. Visually it’s some of the best HD TV you will find out there and it’s pretty gory for NBC which is nice. And the story line is a slow burn which sucks you in a little more each episode to the point where the last of season 1 gave my actual blue balls. I cannot wait to see what happens in season 2. Tell ’em Bart!


Not really too much to say about this, maybe they should pay him more and he can go to Finish Line and leave Payless in the dust. Those Shaq’s don’t hold up under too much movement

Here’s the only other Manu video ever