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These kids are so fucked. They just have no idea. You think Tiger had hid spine operated on 957 times in 2 years so he could walk around and kiss babies and wave to the crowd? You think he’s just going to be the old guy on tour that is there to give pointers to nerds named Justin and Jordan?! Get the fuck outta here. This is TIGER Woods. He literally calls himself Tiger. Think about that for a minute….

He doesn’t play grab ass and stick around to cheer on his “buddies” on a Sunday afternoon. He’s already back at the Tiger Lab getting knee scopes and spine upgrades. He’s going to eat these kids alive and they have no idea it’s coming. A Tiger crowd alone is enough to make most losers on tour forget how to play golf. A Sunday Tiger crowd at a major will kill them dead mid swing. Never mind the fact that Tiger will be pulling his old Tiger tricks where he stands in your way and knocks down every pin from 3 fairways over. Never mind the fact that he won the US Open on a torn ACL. Never mind that he was winning majors when these kids were in diapers.

Tiger’s back for real this time and the bodies are starting to pile up.